N3ZI Kits
Manuals, Schematics, and Technical notes

Manuals for retired kits are here

N3ZI Digital Dial /
Frequency Counter
N3ZI General Coverage Receiver

Manual, Kit w/Serial LCD
2012 or 2013 PCB

Manual, Kit w/Backlit LCD
2012 PCB 2013 PCB

Manual, experimeters Kit
2012 or 2013 PCB

Manual, Simple Kit
2013 PCB Manual, Lightweight Kit
2013 PCB

For kits with 2011 PCB

FULL Kit Manual (20MHz) (For kits shipped since Sept 1, 2011 with 20MHz Xtal)

SUPER Kit Manual (20MHz) (For kits shipped since July 10, 2011 with 20MHz Xtal)

FULL Kit Manual
SUPER Kit Manual

Simple Kit Manual (Discontinued)
VINTAGE Kit Manual (Discontinued)

LCD Module technical data.

    NEC Web site for NEC Sheets

Technical notes:

Ordering Page

DDS-2016 Standard Version Assembly Manual

DDS-2016 Vintage Version Assembly Manual

DDS-2 Assembly Manual (2013-15 Version)

DDS-2 Assembly Manual (May 2012 PCB)

DDS-2 Assembly Manual(Oct 2011 PCB)

DDS-2 Assembly Manual(Mar 2010 to Sept 2011)

DDS-2 Assembly Manual(Jan 2010 Firmware)


DDS-9850 Experimenters Kit Manual (Sept 2012 PCB)
DDS-9850 Xtal Bank Manual (Sept 2012 PCB)
DDS-9850 Xtal Info Page (HTML)
Technical Notes:

Ordering Page
Receiver kit is no longer sold

(2011 ver.)

(2010 ver. w/short Xtals)

(2010 version, tall Xtals)

Manual (2009 Version)

Info Page

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