N3ZI Kits
LCD Digital Display / Frequency Counter / DDS VFO

SUPER DDS ~ 1Hz Step

Super fine Analog VFO like tuning

No longer available, sold out

Digital Dial
N3ZI Counter / Digital Dial


New Xtal Bank VFO
Collins, Drake, and Yaesu
from Electronic Speciality Products (Uses N3ZI DDS)

Kit assembly Manuals

Solder Smoke
As Featured on SolderSmoke

listed in dxzone.com

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In 2010 approx 40% of orders were shipped outside the US, to 40 different countries,
most commonly to U.K, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Netherlands and Spain in that order.
Used on the CERN
Large Hadron Collider

You can order using paypal using the links on the item description pages.
If You do not have a paypal account, and you want to pay with a credit card, you can do so using the same paypal links, paypal will process your credit card without setting up an account with them.
We also accept payment through the mail. Click here for info.(We still require all purchases of our kits to have email and internet access, for support and technical reasons.)

Prices: All prices shown on this website are discount prices offered to licensed amateur radio operators and other hobbyists, purchasing small quantites for personal use. Other buyers should contact us for a quotation before ordering.

Taxes: We collect sales tax for shipments to the US state of Nevada. For all other areas, the buyer is responsible for paying any taxes. All shipments overseas are done legally with accurate (not gift) customs documentation

Our products are not for beginners. They are intended for experienced kit builders who know how to solder and have previously assembled other kits, and have a modest level of technical capability. They are intended for licensed amateur radio operators for their own personal use. We may sell to other buyers who feel they have the required technical expertise. You should download and review the technical manual before ordering to make sure you are capable of building the kit. If you receive a kit and decide that you do not have the expertise to assemble it, please return it to us within 10 days and we will refund your payment.

No 3rd Party Purchases: We do not allow 3rd party purchases, even for gifts. Individuals can only purchase kits for themselves, not as gifts or as a convenience for someone else. Support is only offered to the original purchaser. Anyone reselling our products must accept full responsibility for support and warranty.

Paypal: In general we only accept orders for shipment to a confirmed paypal address in the same country as your paypal account. We may make exceptions for licensed amateur radio operators. Please email us first if you have an unusual situation. If you send us a payment that we cannot accept, be aware that paypal fees will be deducted from the refund. If we cannot accept your paypal payment, then you can pay using Western Union, and we will ship anywere, email for info.

Multiple kit purchases: We do not recommend that anyone purchase more than one kit at a time. Buy one first, and make sure it is what you expect, then order the rest. I do understand that many ham radio kits are sold in limited quantities, but not my kits. My kits are stocked and sold on a continuous basis.

Returns: We will accept returns and give a cash refund (less S/H) for ONE kit per person if you contact us prior to returning the kit. Further returns are subject to restocking fees, and refunds are given as merchandise credit. Any returns received without prior authorization, or from the post office for any reason (such as unclaimed) will be subject to a 50% restocking fee.

Support is available via email only, for the original purchaser of the kit, for 90 days from purchase. All transactions are conducted over the internet and US Mail. We do not take orders or provide support over the telephone.

Spare Parts: We do not sell spare parts. Virtually everything in our kits is available from a wide variety of electronics distributors. We will sell only those parts that are absolutely not avaialable anywhere else, e.g. a programmed microprocessor, but only if you damaged yours in some way. We do not sell bare PCBs. If you need some help finding a source for a part contact us. You can order replacement micros from this page.

PRICING:  Prices change from time to time.  When we get a good deal from a supplier, we pass it along in a price reduction.   Of course no one can predict what lies in the future and prices may go up.  

SHIPPING & HANDLING We ship worldwide. S/H charges include packing, postage, insurance and paypal fees.  When an order is placed through PayPal, total s/h charges are automatically calculated for whatever combination and quantity you order.  The total is shown to you before you commit to the order. We also accept mail orders.   We normally do not hold orders, nor do we have to wait for parts, everything is normally in stock so that you order is shipped (1-2 Weeks) after our receiving payment.  An Email will be sent when your kit is shipped. 

EBAY: Some items are also sold through ebay.  In general the total cost (item price plus S/H) will be higher on Ebay because of ebay's fees. Items sold on ebay may be an old version of items sold here. No firmware upgrades are offered for items sold on ebay.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. This includes, but is not limited to: competitors, potential competitors, commercial users, anyone who previously threatened or filed an ebay or paypal complaint, anyone involved in illegal activity of any kind, including the modification of CB radios

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