N3ZI Kits - NEW Digital Dial / Frequency Counter

PCBs designed and sold by Kiss Electronics
Programmed micro from N3ZI
The remaining parts are readily available from Digikey, Jameco, Mouser, etc.
My Digital Dial is principally meant to be an inexpensive way to add a digital operating frequency display to homebrew radios such as the BITX-20, ARRL Homebrew challenge radios from KD1JV and N3ZI, 40-40 from the New England QRP club, SW+ from small wonder labs, the popcorn superhet, MMR40 and BITX20A from Hendricks QRPkits, and many others. It can also be useful with vintage analog/tube multi band radios.  A programmable IF offset allows the counter to measure the VFO frequency but display the actual operating frequency. It can also be used as a general purpose frequency counter.

BARE PCB's available from Kiss Electronics (only)

~ $5 Each (Bare PCB Only)
email to: ashley40@aol.com for current pricing and info

Micros available here:

Micro only, NO LCD, NO PCB $10.00

NO SMT Components, all parts are conventional through hole

Features and specifications
  • Programmable IF frequency, and VFO mode (VFO+IF, VFO-IF, IF-VFO)
  • Supports up to 9 different IF offsets
  • S/W Programmable to accommodate /n prescaler (n can be 2,4,8,16)
  • On board voltage regulator allows normal operation from 11 to 15VDC power source.
    • Battery operation possible by bypassing on board regulator, ~3mA at 3-5 VDC
  • 2 pushbuttons required only for programming IF and Formula.
  • All programmable options stored in non volatile EEPROM, so they only have to be set once.
  • Input Sensitivity: 150mV RMS see chart.
  • uCode, includes anti jitter s/w which prevents LSD from jittering between two values.
  • Measures VFO frequency up to 80 Mhz with Div/16 prescaler
  • 32 bit internal math
  • 100 Hz or 10 Hz display resolution.
  • No XTAL trim cap required, correction applied in S/W.
  • Update rate approx. 20 ms w/o prescaler. 80 ms with /4 prescaler.
  • NO soldering of Surface mount components required.
  • Standard LCD has Large 0.375 inch digits, dimensions 4.88 x 1.25 inch
  • Supports many different 3rd party LCDs
    • Supports 14-16 pin 44780 LCD Modules w/ either 2 row or single row connector
    • On board driver for LED backlight
      • Up to 20mA when using the 78L05 regulator in a TO92 package
      • Up to 100mA when using the 7805 in a TO220 package, no heatsink
      • Up to 250mA when using the 7805 in a TO220 package, with heatsink
  • Read reviews on EHAM

PCB Dimension are approx 3.1 in x 1.4 inches, which is about the same as most 16x2 displays.

Schematic Diagram

Right Click, then View Image for larger image

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