LCD Module
$1.47 to $1.99 each
NEC uPD7225 controller, serial interface.
12 Digits, optional 7 segment decoder, direct segment control.
Large 10mm high digits
Overall dimensions 125mm(4 7/8in) x 32mm(1 1/4 in)
Window Dimension 87mm x 18mm, approx.
Frequency Counter/Digital Dial Application
This is a simple LCD display that's great for numeric applications such as frequency counters, voltmeter, digital SWR meter, or other measurements. Since the digits are 7 segment, a full alphabetic character set is not available. You can send digital data directly to the display without converting it to ascii, i.e. if you want to display the number 1, simply send a 1. The device has an internal BCD to 7 segment decoder. You can turn the 7 segment decoder off, and send segment data directly to the display if you want to have control over individual segments.

The display has 9 active pins. 2 for power and ground, and one for LCD voltage. You should connect a trim pot between Vcc and ground and connect the wiper to the LCD voltage. This will allow you to adjust the LCD voltage. The best setting depends on viewing angle and personal preference.   With a lower supply voltage (3~4v), you can get away with just grounding this pin.  The module seems to work with a supply voltage between 2.7 and 5 volts.

The display has a lot of contrast. It is a reflective LCD, so no backlight is used, it simply reflects ambient light. If you want ot use it in the dark, you'll need a flashlight.

Click here full hook up data and s/w interface data.

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