Altoids Tin Implementation

Mounted in Altiods Tin
In this photo you can see how the PCB fits in an Altoids tin.  The rotary encoder is soldered to the back of the PCB and sticks out of the back of the altoids tin.
A single pushbutton is mounted on the side, and wired in parallel with one of the PCB buttons. (The two PCB buttons are somewhat redundant)

You will also note that the microprocessor xtal is mounted laying down to reduce height so the lid can close.  And the tab on the voltage regulator is bent over.  In this implementation both a PCB mounted RCA connector and PCB mounted power connector are used.  I don't really recommend this it's easier to use panel mounted connectors and simply wire them to the PCB. 

In the photo below, you can see the backlight LCD mounted through the Altoids case.  The LCD is wired using a short cable to the PCB, there is no room for connectors.  The LCD used is from ebay, it's nice small 8x2 display more LCD info can be found here The one used there is the SURE DE-LM001 about halfway down the list..  You will also see in the top photo a white trim pot , this is the LCD contrast control, but for this LCD it turns out it isn't really necessary, you can simplyground the Vlcd line and it works great.

Front Panel

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