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1965 Station
I'm guessing the above photo is from 1965 or 66, my SWL Station. I think the receiver is a Nation NC-60 or similar. There are QSL cards on the bullitan board from the BBC, Radio Cairo, CHU Canada, Radio Prague. I recall that the radio was a Christmas present, and it cost $99

First Licensed in 1967 as WN3JBN, Novice class
I was 13 When I passed the test, but didn't receive my license I had turned 14
My novice test was administered by K3ZCA (later KJ3Q) (S.K.)

Upgraded to WA3JBN in 1968, approx. July, age 14
1969 Station

First DX QSO, 22 May 1968, LU6DJX, QSL
DXCC, in 1970, at the age of 16

Changed to N3ZI Jan 10, 2006.
As of May 2008 I have 231 countries confirmed
(I use no more than 100 watts, have no tower or beam, all my antennas are home made and none are more than 20ft off the ground.)

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