Micro for DDS, With PCBs dated Oct-2011 and later

The microprocessor is the most fully tested, and most reliable part in my kits. When there is a problem people seem to leap to the conclusion that the micro must be bad. But in reality they rarely fail. I have sold 1000's of kits and maybe a dozen or two replacement micros, In almost all those cases the customer was disappointed that the micro didn't fix their problem.

The most common failures are:

  1. Assembly errors, bad solder joints, shorts, broken wires.
  2. Mis-wiring to the LCD.
  3. Bad Crystal, Oscillator.
  4. Bad IC Socket.
  5. PCB problems (opens and shorts on the PCB copper)
  6. Switch problems, Pushbutton or Encoder (stuck closed or open)
  7. Wrong power source (esp. using a 9V Battery)
  8. Bad socket (RCA or Power)

The most difficult problems are intermittent ones. These can be frustrating to localize, because doing some thing like changing the micro may cause the until to start working again. But this was not the real problem, some intermittent contact or short, corrected itself, only to re-appear sometime later. Intermittent problems are never a micro issue, they are usually a poor connection somewhere, though I have seen at least one intermittent Crystal, most likely due to an intermittent internal connection.

Reformatting the DDS Micro EEPROM solves many problems, the procedure can be found in the manual under "Function Switch Operation"

But if you insist I will sell you a replacement micro, you can order it below
Micros are not returnable.

Date of PCB
Micros only work with PCBs dated Oct 2011 and later

MIcros are only offered for the purposes of repair or upgrade of a previously purchased a DDS kit.

Note that the vintage version s/w requires a 16x1 LCD (1 line of 16 characters). The standard version will work with many different LCD types, but a 16x2 is recommended. Either will work on any PCB Oct 2011 or later.

Note: All micros (both original or replacement) have security bit set so that they cannot be copied. We do not release code under any circumstances.