Mail Orders

I operate this business as an internet only business, I do not use the telephone or the US Mail to communicate with customers. This allows me to keep prices low. I do not offer a catalog, nor do I have printed manuals, everything is available on-line.

However, I do realize that some people are uneasy about doing financial transaction over the internet, so I do accept payments through the mail.

But any customer support and communications is done via email only.

If you wish to pay by mail, please send me an email [n3zi (at) pongrance (dot) com ] indicating the items you wish to order.

I will respond with a numbered invoice for those items. Include your invoice number , or a copy of the invoice, with your payment. Any orders received without an invoice number will be fed to my dog.

Payment can be by money order, or a personal check from a licensed amateur radio operator having the product shipped to his/her FCC address.

By the way, Over the last 2 years, More than 99% of all orders were paid on-line (Paypal or google) Only a tiny fraction were through the mail.

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