Optical Encoder for DDS

Optical Encoder

This is a USED Optical encoder for use with my DDS

From what I guess it was a special made by Oak Grigsby,  it is not listed in their current offerings.
The case is Metal (approx 1 in x 1 in).
These are Used, removed from equipment, but guaranteed to work.
There are 128 pulses per revolution (you can achieve 256 ticks per revolution with appropriate setup)

  • A mounting nut and washer included.
  • Pushbutton switch NOT included you will have to add your own (SPST-NO)

  • Pricing:


    Installation instructions:
    Encoder Cnx
    The Encoder has 4 pins on the back, labeled: + A B - These come out on a grey 4 conductor cable, the gound line is generally striped black. Some of these have a connector on the end, I recoment that you just cut this off.