N3ZI DDS 2011 LCD Configurations

Blue Backlit LCD

ABOVE: Configured with Backlit LCD with 16 pin single row connector (though you can skip pins 7-10 as shown in the photo)
This LCD works with a fixed contrast setting, thus the green jumper from T3 to T4 and the red jumper from T5 to T2
Note the 200 ohm backlight resistor in R2. Some of the Blue LCDs need a contrast voltage around 1 volt. If you got one of these (they look idenentical to the one above) then you would receive a white 10K pot with your Kit for VR1, and some of the jumper settings are different, refer to the manul for details.

Serial LCD

ABOVE: This is the Standard serial LCD, 7 segment, KTM-S1201
the 10 pin connector is soldered into pins 7-16 of J5, note that Pin 1 end of the cable goes by Pin 7.
on the LCD, the pin 1 end is on top, nearest the 3 gold plated holes in a triangle pattern
A 10K resistor is used at R6. R2 and VR1 are not used, and there are no jumpers.
(R2 is soldered in in the above photo, but I took it out before taken the photo below, it's not needed for this LCD.)
BELOW: Close up of the same configuration with the cable pulled off (and flipped 180 degrees)

Small Blue Backlit LCD

ABOVE: Configured with a backlit LCD with a 2 row connector (2 rows of 8 pins)
A 16 conductor flat flex cable is used.
The LCD needs a variable contrast setting, so VR1 is used.
Thus there is the yellow jumper across R2, and a white jumper from T1 to T3
The backlight resistor is 200 ouhms and goes from T2 to T5
BELOW: Detail photo with Cable pulled off.
The Photo shows a 10K resistor in R6, but this is not needed.