N3ZI DDS-VFO Rotary Encoders

3 Rotary Encoder Options

OPTICAL: This is a very nice heavy duty optical rotary encoder.  These are removed from equipment, in excellent condition. Oak Grisby.  There is a 4 conductor cable terminated with a 2mm connector. We also include a 4 pos 2mm hright angel header for the PCB. The Aug 2009 version of the DDS PCB has a place to solder the 4 pin 2mm header. This is a very smooth operating encoder, you need to set the parameters via the serial port to turn off the debounce and delays because it's very fast, and clean electrically. [ Hook up instructions ]   There is no push switch.
Optical Encoder Connectors
The price is $12.99 with the FULL DDS kit. In leiu of standard encoder. Connector, header for PCB, and Mounting hardware (nut and washer) included, see photo above

DETENT: The middle one in the top photo is a mechanical encoder with detents, no push switch.  Fits into PCB.  Bournes # PEC11-4220F-N0012 - No longer avaiable -

NORMAL: The one on the right in the top photo is the encoder I originally designed the board for and have been shipping with all kits.  It's a smooth turning mechanical encoder with push switch.  There is some contact bounce but the micro is programmed for this, but the action is less precise as a result.  The push switch normally controls the speed.  Bournes # PEC11-4020F-S0024 This one is inclued in the Full Kit. Mounting hardware included (nut and washer)

NOTE: Encoders are only availbe with a DDS kit, I am not offering them seperatley.

A note about the push switch: There are a total of 3 switches on the DDS board, normally the push switch on the encoder controls speed, and the other two are memory up and down.  If you buy one of the other encoders without a push switch you can either install a separate pushbutton switch, or reassign one of the other switches, and only use one switch for memory up (it rolls at M#9)  Ideally if you are mounting switch on a front panel, get a (on)-off-(on)  momentary toggle switch and use that for the memories, it works very nice that way, then a separate pushbutton for encoder speed.

I am limiting the sales of these to 1 encoder per DDS Kit purchased. Back to DDS page