Detailed photos of Full Kit

DDSAtoids Tin Packaging

The photo on the left show the assembled full version of the kit with the exception of the output filter components.

The photo on the right shows the same PCB mounted in an altiods tine.  More Altiods photos here

The switches, LCD connector, and Rotary encoder can be mounted on the front or back of the PCB depending on you installation.
The black connector in the upper right is something from my junkbox, and is not supplied with kits.  It's easiest to simply solder the power wires directly to the PCB.  Or just use whatever power distribution you have in the rest of the radio.  But that connector is available from All Electronics and Shop EIO, but you have to cut off the side pin then it fits in the PCB, it's a 2.1 mm coaxial power connector.  I am supplying the RCA connector in the lower right, though in many cases you won't want to use it, just solder your coax directly into the PCB.  In the extreme upper right you can see the RS232 cable connection, in this case I solder directly to the PCB, but you could also connecterize it with a 3 pin header(0.1 in sp) on the PCB
Front View
The above photo shows the complete assembly with LCD module, and Rotary encoder on the back,
The photo below shows the same assembly from the back.
Back view  w/ LCD
Back View
Above back view with LCD module removed.
You will see the LCD connector mounted on the back.  You can also mount it on the front of the PCB, but you will be reversing the odd and even pins.  This is not a real problem, as long as you keep that in mind when connecting to your LCD.  Double check your wiring before applying power because it's easy to reverse things, and reversing pin 1 and pin 2 will cause power to be applied in reverse which will almost certainly damage the LCD.
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