N3ZI Digital Dial
Examples of dead bug implementations.

K1ULF Dead Bug implementation
Above in K1ULF's very clever dead bug implementation. 
Everything is mounted on the back of the LCD module, including extra's like a 5v regulator, and a trim cap.

N3ZI Dead Bug
Above is a photo of my Dead Bug implementation using a separate piece of solid copper clad board,
attached to the LCD module using 14 gauge solid wire and a RCA connector for the RF input. 
Later (below) I added the switches and the ATMEL programming connector, and I successfully reprogrammed the micro while in a dead bug circuit!
N3ZI Dead Bug 2

Originally I only offered a dead bug version of my counter.  But due to many requests I designed a PCB and offered a Full kit, which is by far the most popular version today.  I'm not complaining because it's also the most expensive.  But the dead bug version is 1/3 the cost and it's just not that hard to put together.
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